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Join the Bblack Affiliate Program

Maximize your earnings by joining the Bblack Affiliate Program. Whether you're a content creator, influencer, or run a platform, you can turn your traffic into commissions. Earn special rewards for each Bblack card sold, providing your audience with exclusive benefits in the world of luxury finance.

Sign up down below to become an affiliate.


We'll create a custom affiliate link and user profile for you to share with your network via email. All leads and automation can be viewed from your account on our app.


When someone in your network orders a card with your affiliate link, you’ll receive commission on everysale.


Recommend a Bblack Card, make a sale, earn commission instantly.

How Does the Bblack Affiliate Program Work?

Becoming a Bblack affiliate has completely transformed my financial landscape. The substantial commissions and exclusive benefits have allowed me to elevate my lifestyle and enjoy premium experiences.

Partnering with Bblack has been a rewarding journey. The lucrative commissions and extraordinary perks, including a luxury retreat, have surpassed my expectations, making it a truly exceptional affiliate program.


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