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BitcoinBlack Membership Share Price Doubles: Reinforcing Exclusivity and Prestige

We're pleased to announce a significant update regarding the BitcoinBlack Membership Share Price. Effective immediately, the Share Price for newly approved members now stands at $10,000 USD, up from $5000. This change reinforces our commitment to enhancing the exclusivity and prestige of BitcoinBlack Membership.

Henceforth, individuals who are newly approved for BitcoinBlack Membership will find the Share Price set at $10,000 USD. This updated pricing reflects the premium offerings and privileges inherent in belonging to our esteemed community.

Prospective members with a high net worth can apply at to undergo our stringent approval process, ensuring that membership in BitcoinBlack remains a mark of distinction.

Warm regards,

BitcoinBlack Membership Team

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